At Access Physical Therapy & Wellness, we facilitate a culture of teamwork. We understand that there is no competition in treating patients, and we work as a team to ensure that every patient gets the best possible treatment. We have a fun and friendly work atmosphere. We celebrate employee birthdays, have holiday luncheons, and throw company parties, including our annual staff appreciation party. Participating in charitable causes and fundraising is important to us, and we encourage our employees to be proactive in charity work as well. We are a family at Access. Our employees, families and our patients are part of our extended family. We are always here for each other so that we can be there for our patients.

  • Great Company Culture!

  • Holiday Celebrations!

  • Appreciation Days and Months!

  • Continuing Education Allowance!

  • Fun Company Outings!

  • Great Benefits!

  • Ashley Kurtz

    Director of Operations & Business Development

    “ ACCESS customer service means to consistently communicate to every customer, whether internal or external that they are valued, and that their satisfaction is paramount to our organization. ”

  • Colleen Carroll

    Administrative Assistant

    “ ACCESS is truly about helping patients get better and back to their normal lives while giving them the best possible care. We have a great team here. ”

  • Stephanie Montanya

    Customer Service Specialist/Physician & Community Liaison

    “ ACCESS customer service is being able to fulfill all of our patient's needs. We meet the expectations of our patients from their first call to our office to the end of their care. There isn't any comparison to other companies out there. ”